How to access the Android 10 Easter Egg


The way to access the Nougat Easter egg is just the same as you accessed Android Oreo. The actual game is yet more involving. To activate Easter Egg, follow the usual process. Tap on settings >>> about phone > >>Android version.

Keep tapping on the Android tab until the ‘N’ is visible on the screen. Swipe downwards from the screen to access your quick settings bar and click on the ‘Edit’ option. You will now be able to see a cat face icon with “???? Android Easter egg”.

Drag it and place it anywhere you want to in the main setting bar. And now, you can enjoy by simply tapping on it. Now, click ok your home button and then again drag down the quick setting option from the above menu.

This time you will be able to see an “empty plate” option. On tapping it, you will be presented with four food choices – Bits, Fish, Chicken and Treat. Select any one of the options and resume using your phone as usual.



When it starts working, you will receive a notification saying “a cat is here” along with the number of the cat given below it. Once you tap on this notification, it will show up a new screen with a cat icon.

If you tap it once, you can rename it. If you long-press it, you can access other options as well. You are now capable of downloading the full-resolution photograph of this cat. You can also share it on all your social media handles.

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In the end, you will receive a notification that will tell you that once of the treats has been snagged. This does not work every time and that is the basic motive of this game. You have to keep trying to lure the cat with different types of baits.


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