More than just an inspiring success story about Arslan Gabidullin.

Arslan Gabidullin

Each of us has some significant childhood dreams, but it is extremely important not to give up on those dreams and work hard to make them a reality. No one would have guessed that an ordinary boy from the small village of Biryulinsky Animal Farm in Tatarstan would one day become a successful entrepreneur with great ambitions for the environment. This is not just a story about the life of Arslan Gabidullin. This is a story about the power of dreams and the power of will.

It is an impressive journey of a man whose great achievements in business helped to realize his childhood dream of making the planet a more environmentally friendly place. Arslan Gabidullin had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish. He has always known that he wanted to do business in such a way that would not harm but instead benefit the world around him. From a young age, he was concerned about the issue of ecology. Watching National Geographic programs, films about animals and nature, he was worried that humanity negatively affects nature by buying and using the products of large corporations that do not care about the environmental friendliness of their production. The first thing that came to his mind was the production and processing of products from garbage, plastic, waste.

Understanding that it would be difficult to achieve any results without money, he made the decision to become an entrepreneur. In 2014, after gathering enough funds to launch a business, working at a construction site, the position of a sales representative of the Kazan Fat Plant, and even driving a taxi, Arslan Gabidullin developed the Coffee Like chain of coffee shops, which grew to 15 coffee shops in Kazan in just 6 years. He realized that he could work in this company for a long period, but he believed it was the time to move forward. Unfortunately, the pandemic started and coffee houses brought in far more losses than profits.

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In these hard times of the pandemic period, Gabidullin managed to create his own company and coffee brand. He found a very creative way of reducing the cost of providing services making them automated. The point is not about a vending machine, it is about self-service coffee shops, which differ from vending in more serious technical equipment and used ingredients. This is how Arslan Gabidullin became an entrepreneur, founder of the international company Lifehacker Coffee, one of the first in Russia to support the idea of ​​self-service coffee shops. Now he with his incredible team is entering the American market with their own retails.

Remaining loyal to his priorities of caring for the environment, Arslan joined the “Green Billion World” program and since then he has been doing this. Money from the Lifehacker Coffee company is put into the fund, where they plant 30 trees from each self-service coffee shop. In total, more than 200,000 trees have already been planted by the project. In addition to promoting the program, the company promotes the use of recyclable cups for its coffee houses and suggests that its partners do the same.

When Arslan was thinking about the production of environmentally friendly products, he came up with a very interesting idea. Nowadays there are already many manufacturers and companies that create green products, the main problem of most of these manufacturers is that they know how to produce, but they do not know how to sell. At this moment he realized, that instead of producing and selling his own product, he can make a service where he will help manufacturers to promote their products in one place. 

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As a result of hard work, an eco-marketplace is created by young people who are not indifferent to nature. The team is imbued with the spirit of adventurism and eco-activism, as they want to change the world for the better and therefore they are trying to implement such truly important projects as an eco-marketplace. The purpose of the marketplace is to let people know about eco-friendly products that are collected in one place. 

EcoHacker is a marketplace with environmentally friendly goods; it is a whole system for greening people’s lives. The marketplace features only conscious brands that are carefully selected by the experts and studied for environmental friendliness, ethics, and safety for people, animals, and the planet. The aim of this project is to form a social movement that will change the consumer attitude of people towards the planet, develop environmental awareness through education and interaction, raise public awareness of how serious the problem of waste recycling is, and provide simple solutions for a comfortable and ecological life. 

What makes this story so special is that it is more than just an inspiring story. Life is full of ups and downs, and one of those ups is when you achieve a goal you have been dreaming about. Arslan Gabidullin’s story reveals much about the power of one person to inspire and influence others. It is an incredible journey of life showing that all our thoughts can come true!


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