What You Didn’t Know About Packers Lighthouse In Long Beach

Packers Lighthouse

When thinking of lighthouses, the first view that comes to your mind includes a beautiful coast, spectacular sunsets, calm ocean views at night, and cozy ambiance. What could be better than staying at such a beautiful place that leaves you with a memorable experience? 

If you are craving those views with outstanding specialties, Parker’s lighthouse on the long beach is one of the best options for you.  Parker’s lighthouse has been a dining anchor of the long beach for more than a decade. 

It’s a three-story restaurant constructed in the shape of a lighthouse with amazing city lights and amazing ocean views and one of the first restaurants who collaborated with aquarium of the pacific’s seafood programs and partnered with harbor attractions and great chefs to offer the most desirable seafood menu which gives people the world’s greatest menu selection. If you’re craving lobster and seafood but are quite far from Long Beach or don’t have the time to travel, you can always cook your own by ordering fresh seafood online and having it delivered to you. Visit this website to browse through the different seafood products you can order online.

There are some qualities that make it unique.

Extensive Menu

Parker’s lighthouse is known for its special grilled seafood, steaks, and a side cocktail bar. The restaurant has extensive and creative menu features from sushi and sashimi and a wide collection of cocktail and wine tastes. 

They have incredible food flavors and use simple and subtle ingredients that make their food taste like nothing. You can always have a variety of options for a change and can always enjoy salads, chicken steaks, soups, hamburgers, past and a selection of innovative fish dishes they often make using hawaii’s fresh fish, wild alaskan and local day caught fishes. 

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Parker’s lighthouse takes pride in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. The health of its guests and workers is its number one priority. They provide crystal-clean floors and surroundings and give you and your family a happy and clean stay. 

In addition to the clean environment. Their cleaning standards include sanitation of amenities such as seating areas and dining and they make sure that eating equipment is well washed and displayed on the tables. They have a complete checklist which includes:

  • Staff members constant effort to maintain cleaning standards
  • The door, handles, knobs, furniture, drawers, and closets are properly cleaned.
  • Glassware, cocktail bar, ice buckets are cleaned and maintained in a proper way.
  • Toilet seats, shower knob, and shower walls, bathtubs are washed with special solutions to make them germ-free. 
  • Table, desks, seatings, ed covers, bedsides, cushion covers all give you a clean feel. 

Wide Range Of Dining Options

Apart from extensive menu, you can experience a lot more dining options such as:

  • Happy hours with attractive deals.
  • You can see an amazing kid’s menu.
  • Specially priced cocktails.
  • Thanksgiving dinners.

What are you waiting for?

Parker’s lighthouse, an award winner of Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence is the upscale dining destination and can be the best option for your next stay. The environment is warm, vibrant and full of energy with live music settings is a perfect mood lifter. Impressive settings, exquisite menu of seafood and great hospitality will make you celebrate your stay. 

This article was written in coordination with Michael D. Waks, a Long Beach personal injury attorney

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