5 Supplements to Consider Adding to Your Diet


It seems like with every passing day, there’s a new health fad out there. People tell you to take this or eat that, but you might not know whose advice to believe. It’s true that many supplements out there provide a variety of benefits, but it’s hard to sort through them all. Keep reading for five supplements that are worthwhile additions to your dietary arsenal.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

You’ve probably used this stuff to cook or clean before, but have you ever thought to take ACV as a supplement? Vinegar has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, all the way back to the ancient Greeks. It’s true that the substance is a powerful agent against bacteria, but there’s more to it than that.

ACV has multiple health benefits that you might be unaware of. As noted, it’s first and foremost an effective antibacterial solution, killing germs from the inside out. It can reduce inflammation and irritation within your digestive system, which improves the function of these organs. The acetic acid in ACV can also help balance the microbiome of your gut, similar to a probiotic. This evens out the good and bad bacteria in your colon, helping it work more effectively. 

You can drink ACV safely in quantities of one to two tablespoons per day, diluted within juice or water. However, the safest and most palatable way to consume it is in supplement form, the most popular being pills and ACV gummies. This way, you don’t run the risk of wearing down tooth enamel due to liquid vinegar’s acidity. Plus, gummies are delicious! 

  1. Vitamin B-12

This vitamin in the B family might not be on your radar. It is only found in certain meats and fish, meaning vegans and vegetarians have a harder time accessing the nutrient. However, it contains many elements crucial to the proper function of your body. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, B-12 helps produce DNA and red blood cells and keeps cells around the body working optimally. Recent studies have also found a connection between deficiencies of the vitamin and dementia. While taking B-12 as a supplement won’t necessarily lessen your chances of experiencing the condition, it certainly can’t hurt. 

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Additionally, vitamin B-12 is thought to have a positive impact on your mood. In recent studies, low levels of the nutrient were associated with a tendency toward depression. If you’ve been considering a more natural way to give your mental health a boost, try adding vitamin B-12. It’s definitely less of a commitment than going on antidepressants, and it doesn’t have all the potential side effects. 

  1. Vitamin C

You’ve probably heard all about how beneficial vitamin C is to your diet. Found in citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables, the nutrient significantly boosts immunity. That’s why you’ve probably been told to get lots of vitamin C when you’re sick, whether through juices or supplements. While immunity support is definitely important, the vitamin can actually do much more for your health. 

Vitamin C impacts a wide variety of health issues with its powerful nutrients. It improves iron absorption, meaning it’s a helpful supplement for anemics. Serving as an antioxidant, it can destroy harmful free radicals in the body. The vitamin is also essential for the production of collagen, which is vital to skin, blood, and bone health. 

Another great thing about vitamin C is that it’s almost impossible to over-consume. The body will naturally absorb what it needs then expel the rest through the bladder. This is why vitamin C can be sold in such high doses. 

  1. Probiotics

Looking to improve the health of your gut? Feeling tired, bloated, or gassy lately? Adding a probiotic supplement to your daily diet could be the answer. 

The digestive system is composed of quite a touchy set of organs, which can be easily irritated. Within the intestines, good and bad bacteria float around. When they’re carefully balanced, they aid digestion. This is where probiotics come into play — they are live cultures of healthy bacteria. When consumed, probiotics restore the microbiome of the gut by adding more of the good bacteria.

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Found in foods like yogurt and sauerkraut, probiotics are a great addition to your digestive health regimen. Try finding a probiotic supplement containing prebiotics, which act as the fuel for probiotics. This power duo will work together to clean up your colon health and get your digestion back to tip-top condition. 

  1. Cranberries

OK, you’re probably thinking, “Why is there a fruit on this list?” It’s true that cranberries are a fruit that grows on bushes, most known for their red color and tart flavor. Dried and sweetened, they’re a tasty snack — and also effective in improving urinary health. 

Have you ever been told to drink cranberry juice when suffering from a urinary tract infection? There’s solid reasoning behind this. Cranberries contain powerful nutrients that boost the health of the bladder and urinary system. Additionally, cranberries are ripe with antioxidants, which guard your body against free radicals and several diseases. 

So how are cranberries considered a supplement? You don’t have to pop a mouthful of the berries every day. Many stores sell cranberry supplements in pill, chewable, and gummy form. These contain dehydrated cranberry powders, packed inside a supplement for easy consumption. Taking one dose a day will help boost your urinary health and overall health thanks to the antioxidants. 

Every Body Has Different Needs

It’s important to keep in mind that not every supplement out there will do wonders for you. What works for one person might not work as well for another. You may well see a positive difference in your health while taking a certain vitamin, but you may not. 

Although “your results may vary,” as the disclaimers say, that shouldn’t stop you from trying supplements to improve your health. Vitamins and minerals are crucial to your everyday body function, so it is definitely a good idea to give some a try. 


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