Margaret River Wine Region: The Best Things To Do In Margaret River


Margaret River, Western Australia, is a renowned tourist resort and wine area. Several activities are available at Margaret River, ranging from vineyard tours to wine tasting to surfing and swimming at the beach. In addition to excellent sights and art exhibitions, there are also several outstanding eateries. This town is renowned for its surfing heritage, world-class wines, fresh, delectable food, and craft brewers, making it among Western Australia’s most famous tourist destinations.

With so many things to explore and do, it is not surprising that Margaret River is a beautiful base since it has a range of pubs, restaurants, and cafés. Check out this post to know the best things to do when escaping to the Margaret River wine region!

What Are the Best Things to Do in Margaret River?

When you want to explore the most excellent Margaret River wine region, you must prepare in advance. Not only do they have fresh, delectable wines and beautiful vineyards, but they also provide several excursions and events for you to enjoy throughout your holiday.

Margaret River Town

The high street of Margaret River is dotted with tourist stores, cafés, art galleries, and boutiques, which makes it the ideal spot to find a one-of-a-kind present. The Margaret River Tourist Office is situated in the heart of town and is a fantastic resource for gifts, souvenirs, guidebooks, and free maps. Rotarian Park is a leisure space featuring a playground along the river outside town. The village becomes lively at night with live music, restaurants, bars, and pubs. Gather with a few pals and enjoy a night of it.

Margaret River Caves

In Leeuwin Nature Reserve, there are hundreds of caverns. Six are accessible to the general public. Among the caverns exposed to the public are:

  • Mammoth Cave is a multi-chambered cave that contains several old fossils. It is the most readily available cave in the area, where you can stroll across the gorgeous wilderness. 
  • Lake Cave is a well-maintained cavern under the earth’s surface. A lengthy stairway falls in via a sinkhole to a jungle floor that has been submerged. Within the cave, crystalline creations reflected on the peaceful lake while stalactites hung from the ceiling. This 30-minute trip with a guide is better for those with limited mobility. Lake Cave is among the famous caves in Margaret River. 
  • Jewel Cave is the biggest tourist cave in Australia and contains the longest stalactites. Be astounded by the enormous crystal patterns that decorate the cave’s roof. During the hour-long guided tour, you will hear about the fossils of Tasmanian Tigers discovered in the cave.
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Hiking Or Mountain Biking

The Cape to Cape Track is among the most popular hiking trails in the Margaret River area. The 140 km track from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin parallels the seashore. From nearby Dunsborough to Augusta, the six-day hike offers spectacular vistas. However, you are required to do the task only partially at a time. Even when the children were tiny, people hiked portions of it every time they visited. It is partially paved, making it accessible for people of various capabilities.

In addition, the Prevelly Cycle & Walk Trail connecting Margaret River and Gnarabup Beach spans 10 kilometres. This concrete trail parallels Wallcliffe Road through the woodland Margaret River to the coast. Meanwhile, there is a convenience shop in the trailer park or the Sea Garden Café in Prevelly. The licenced café is ideal for a drink of wine or beer while facing the seaside.

Whale Watching

Western Australia is fortunate to have such magnificent species on our coastline. Because of its long season, Margaret River is among the top locations for whale viewing. June through August is the ideal time to observe whales. The season starts in Augusta. You might encounter Humpback, Southern Right, Minke, and Blue Whales in this area. It is possible to see Humpback Whales breaching or tail slapping because of their quickness. In the bay, Southern Rights give birth.

In addition, the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is the most excellent location in Augusta for whale watching from land. Boranup Viewpoint is another option near Hamelin Bay. However, you will need binoculars from here. To conceive a child, humpback whales migrate north to the warm seas of Broome. They travel to Geographe Bay around Dunsborough between September and early December to care for their young.

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Beach And Surfing

Margaret River is famous for its surfboard spots; even if you do not surf, the beach is a renowned accessible pastime.

  • Gnarabup Beach is the city’s most famous bathing beach. This beach is the longest in Prevelly, stretching from the southern coast with its large limestone rock to Surfers Point. Moreover, the reef covers the shore and provides quiet swimming opportunities. It is monitored by the local surfing club throughout the summer and provides accessible restroom and shower facilities. The cliff’s overlook offers breathtaking views of the beaches and river entrance.
  • Margaret Rivermouth Beach is located where the Margaret River meets the ocean. When you get to Prevelly, go to the right to find the river mouth beach. It is an ideal place for small children to paddle during the summer. This location has changing rooms, showers, and restrooms.

Margaret River Wine Tours And Wineries

Over 120 world-class vineyards are located in the well-known Margaret River wine area, which generates award-winning wines and is home to over 100 winemakers. Despite contributing just 2% of Australia’s harvest, it accounts for almost 20% of Australia’s premium wine industry. In 2019, Margaret River’s average cost per tonne was substantially higher than the national average.

In addition, this region is a specialty wine region with 286 vines and 175 wineries. One hundred winemakers crush fewer than fifty tonnes of grapes. In addition, over 90 basement doors, 62 of which have been awarded a 5-Star Halliday certification. It is well-known, with foreign tourists ranking it as Australia’s third most visited wine area. However, it is the most frequented wine area by domestic tourists.


Whether you are planning to indulge in a three-day getaway or extend your business trip for relaxation, Margaret River has a lot to offer. You can add unique experiences to your checklist or try things you wouldn’t think you’d experience. Stroll around the beauty of bushes and greens or bask in the sun on the beach. You could also discover how successful the Margaret River wine regions are with their pleasing architectural vineyards and tasting their award-winning wines. Plan out your trip now!


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