Travel List Packing When Visiting Thanda Island

Thanda Island

Do you want to unwind and recharge your senses? If yes, you should consider planning a holiday trip to the luxury private islands of Thanda. From lazing on the beach to boating, hiking, snorkeling, and dancing under the stars, this trip will leave you with a new love for life and its beauty.

But, you should pack all the essentials to make the most of it. Keep reading as we discuss the must-have packing list when visiting Thanda islands. 

Quick-dry Travel Towels: Carrying a couple of damp, bulky towels in your suitcase is nothing less than a nightmare. We recommend carrying quick dry towels on your island holiday to spare you the horror. They are great to use after a shower and on the beach. Also, they are easy to roll and quite safe as well. 

Packing Cubes: Packing cubes let you organize your stuff while traveling. It will help keep your stuff intact and well tucked. The best part is that you can collect your dirty laundry in them while returning and keep your clean clothes safe. 

Sunscreen – Don’t ruin your holiday with sunburn and pigmentation. Protect your skin with an SPF sunscreen made from organic ingredients. Remember to apply them generously from time to time to prevent nasty tanning. If you are travelling with kids, ensure you carry kids’ sunscreen lotion as well. 

Windproof Umbrella: The weather on Thanda island is quite unpredictable. One minute it will be all pleasant and sunny, and in the second minute, you can be amid a tropical storm. So, make sure you pack a windproof umbrella to keep you safe during such storms and rains.

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Insect Repellent: Mosquitoes can ruin your stargazing experience on the beach. Having a natural non-sticky mosquito repellent will be a great help here. It will keep you safeguarded from mosquito bites and fever infections. 

Cooling Towels: Cooling towels are a boon for island vacations. Just wet the towel and wring out excess water. And wear it on your head or shoulders. It will instantly reduce your body temperature at the beach, boat, or out exploring. 

Water Bottle with In-built Filter: Dehydration is a serious health issue that is quite common in the island heat. Keeping a water bottle with an in-built filter is a great way to prevent this issue. You can keep refilling the water and quench your thirst wherever you are. 

Neck Wallets: Neck wallets are waterproof wallets meant to keep all your belongings safe and together in a place. They are worn on necks and keep your hands free while enjoying Thanda island adventure activities.

Waterproof Bag: Keep your cash, documents, and gadgets safe while you enjoy an exotic holiday on Thanda island with a waterproof bag. Even if it falls in the water, all your electronics will stay completely safe and dry with this bag. 


So, these are the top items you should pack when visiting Thanda island in 2022. You see, the list of such things is endless. However, you should pick the stuff to help make your holiday pleasant, stress-free, and comfortable. 


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