An International Traveller’s To-Pack Guide.


If you have finally decided to go on the trip that you had been planning with your friends or family for so long, I would like to congratulate you. Not many plans leave the group chat and become reality, unfortunately. However, yours is! You must be really excited about it. It is so exciting to mark places to visit on a map of the country you will be going to.

It is very easy to get too excited and forget to be adequately prepared for the trip. The document processing part of the trip is the most time taking and energy-draining. It is easy to get lazy after getting your documents. But being prepared for the trip is very important to have a good, tension-free time.

Here’s a guide we prepared for you to help you to pack for your trip. 

What To Keep In Mind While Packing Clothes.

The first thing that comes to mind while packing is to pack for all the possibilities. Pack for a regular day out, a night at the club, a concert, a hike, a day on the beach, etc, and pack adequate clothes for all these occasions. However, this is one costly mistake you make.

Since you will be travelling a lot, you will end up shopping a lot too. Even if you don’t plan on it, you will probably not resist when you see it in stores. You do not want to fill loads of suitcases as extra luggage costs good money.

Phone Essentials And Accessories.

The first thing on your priority list should be to get a global SIM card. Your Australian SIM card will not be operational in other countries hence, you need to buy a traveler sim card in Australia. It is better to keep your international sim card along with the following essentials in your handbag or travel bag.

  •         Phone charger.
  •         Adapter.
  •         Earphones.
  •         If you have wireless earphones, then an earphone charger.
  •         Wireless charger or power bank.
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Travel Document Checklist.

Your travel documents need to be with you at all times. To be very safe, keep digital copies as well as hard copies. Travel documents include the following items:

  •         A valid passport that is not expired.
  •         A visa.
  •         Medical insurance (mandatory for some countries).
  •         Your National ID card.
  •         Your birth certificate.
  •         Vaccination proof.

Safety And Medical Essentials.

Next, you need some safety gear and medical essentials. Remember, it might be illegal to carry tasers and other self-defence gear at airports. However, once you have arrived at your destination country, it is advisable that you carry some sort of self-defence item. Additionally, you need some medic supplies too for convenience. You might need:

  •         A pepper spray.
  •         Aspirin.
  •         Band-aids.
  •         Sleeping pills.
  •         Prescribed medicines if your doctor advises you to.

Travel Essentials.

And for a safe and convenient journey, you should carry the following items with you.

  •         A neck pillow.
  •         Noise cancelling Earplugs.
  •         Sunscreen.
  •         Travel sized toiletries.
  •         Luggage locks.
  •         Hand sanitisers.
  •         Eye mask.
  •         An entertaining magazine or a book.

And there you go, you are prepared to go on the trip!

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