Develop a mobile application to create a direct communication channel with clients


Nowadays, mobile applications fulfil a wide range of functions: 

  • order our meal;
  • consult health reimbursements;
  • generate a quote in 3 clicks and much more.

There is no doubt that push notifications allow you to create a direct communication channel with your customers or your employees. Today more and more companies choose react native creation services to work with digital solutions. Apps for businesses are widely used in different countries, because simple automatic alerts can provide targeted information in real time to one or more users. Sales and special offers are accessible at your fingertips. They can also generate profits for companies. Moreover, it works in a wide variety of fields.

The usage of notifications takes on their full dimension for sales forces and maintenance teams deployed in the field. It’s definitely better to inform your sales representative directly in advance about business applications of the products and services to be offered in priority to your customer.

It is even possible to go further by coupling in some cases the notification with the geolocation of your employees’ smartphone or tablet. For example, to notify the maintenance team closest to the place of intervention to take charge of the mission.

Build your brand awareness by developing your mobile application

A mobile application for your company can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. Although the simple presence of your mobile application on a store will ensure notoriety, the relevance of your service or the originality of your information are also factors of success.

The mobile application allows you to get more profit! The creation of a mobile application is an opportunity to offer additional services to your customers. It’s much easier to work with professional services, such as INOXOFT, they are ready to help your business with app creation. For example, some famous brands have deployed a mobile application combining payment and loyalty programs. The benefit of such a device results in a reduction in waiting time at the cash register. The underlying interest is to collect data, which allows these businesses to know better their customers to customise its offer.

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Improve customer engagement

Mobile engagement is contextual. The user usually uses his smartphone in order to perform an immediate action to answer a question related to the activity he or she performs. The mobile application perfectly meets this need for immediacy, since in an instant the user can unlock his/her smartphone and open your application.

As you know, commitment is an impulsive action. To the contextual nature, it adds the feeling of urgency: “do such an action to book a ticket now” or “click here to discover if you have won”. Smartphone users more than in an office environment, use their device to respond to an imminent specific action in a specific context.

Be visible to your customers all the time

Although a handful of applications are used daily, this does not change the fact that the user must unlock his device, scroll through the icons to find the mobile application the user is looking for. Being “on the way” can be an advantage for your company, since unconsciously our mind records each image and text (hence the interest of designing the icon of its application well).

Let’s define together the role of your mobile application in your digital strategy! When you decide to develop your mobile application, you do much more than getting a perfectly designed technical solution; you achieve the results and objectives that your partners and customers have defined together, with determination and passion.

Creative thinking for business applications 

The development of the digital activity of companies increases competition in this segment. Thus, it becomes essential for companies to energise and stand out. Discover all the creativity techniques that will allow you to free yourself from the rules and habits that hinder the creative process.

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Whatever your activity, your team, your needs you will find the creative technique that solves your problem.

Why is creativity so important?

Creativity is the ability to innovate, to imagine, to create. It makes it possible to quickly find relevant solutions to different problems. In addition, it gives a creative vision of the future, and thus makes it possible to be at the origin of innovations. Not bad as a bet for a company, right? 

Creativity techniques offer you the opportunity to stand out. So many different methods to find new ideas: this can only lead to original solutions.

What is the main advantage for your team? It will only be more efficient and motivated to work. The diversity of techniques will make it more productive.

What is the second advantage? Moments of sharing between collaborators. Indeed, instead of a simple meeting around a table, why not offer your team a more “fun” meeting? It’s up to you!

Did you know that to boost your Social Ads, budget and targeting are not the only key elements? 

There are many elements that are very important in designing and advertising campaigns for social networks: 

  1. a good definition of the audience and its characteristics such as: the spoken language, 
  2. the geographical area (depending on your catchment area), 
  3. centres of interest or even socio-professional elements. 

It’s clear that you want to prepare your campaigns by choosing the objective adapted to your needs as well as the best strategy to spend your budget, but what about the visuals?

The visual of your advertisement that will be perceived first by your audience is more than just eccensial. It allows you to capture your attention for a microsecond to arouse your interest. As you have understood, it is essential to reflect on its visuals and respect simple rules to exploit it to the maximum. Content, format, highlighting of your products, all this will have no secrets for you!

Have we aroused your curiosity? Great! This is the feeling that must also be created thanks to your advertising campaigns on social networks, and to achieve this, professional services can give you a helping hand and a piece of best advice to boost your social ad. 


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